When planning your senior photo session, one question you might have is what props to bring with you to make your photos extra special. Photographers love when their clients bring in props because it helps them get creative and often takes their photography to the next level, allowing the seniors to showcase themselves in ways they wouldn’t be able to otherwise. Here are 10 simple yet beautiful props that you can bring with you on your photo shoot.

1.) Sports jersey or equipment. This is a classic prop and one of my favorites. You can use pretty much any type of sports equipment like: baseball bats, basketballs, footballs, soccer balls and anything else you want to bring along that will make your senior portrait look more authentic.

2.) Musical instruments. Whether you’re into rock or classical, a piano is a must for any senior who wants to look hip on their yearbook page. And yes, some schools may not allow it, but if you want to be remembered as The Dude with a piano in his photos, it’s worth trying. If your school does allow instruments, don’t bring an electric guitar — that just screams hard rocker — and don’t forget to put your name on it.

3.) Pets. If you want to show off your four-legged best friend, bring him or her along. Animals are naturally photogenic, and will provide a lovely touch of whimsy to your session. Just make sure that any pets are well-behaved and accustomed to being around lots of people (and cameras!). Don’t have a pet? There’s nothing wrong with bringing in an adorable stuffed animal instead! Extra points if you incorporate it into one of your poses. Double points if you ride horses, always wanted to do senior pictures with horses. 

4.) Iconic Car. Most high school seniors these days have their picture taken in a car. The truth is, it’s not just any car—it’s his or her senior pictures car. Make sure your son or daughter brings his or her favorite ride to pose in. It’s what many of us will remember most when looking back at their photos years from now. At a minimum make sure the car is clean from top to bottom before pictures. What a great job for a would be graduate. Save up a bit of money, why not rent something that will be remembered for the ages. 

5.) Flowers. Pick up some colorful blooms to stage against your senior’s outfits, or use them as a prop in their hands. They are especially perfect for outdoor portraits and springtime shots, when you’re trying to showcase your teen amidst nature’s glory.

6.) College Apparel. Show off your college pride with hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and sweatshorts. These are great for outdoor photo shoots as they’re weather-appropriate and can help set a tone for some unique portraits!

7.) Personal Items. It’s important to be yourself on your senior photo shoot. Bring along any items that have special meaning to you so that you can incorporate them into your photos. If you play sports, bring your favorite team jersey, or if you play an instrument, bring it with you! When it comes to props for seniors, think outside of traditional boundaries. Feel free to bring along a fun pair of sunglasses or even a skateboard! Whatever item represents who you are is perfect for bringing on your senior photo shoot.